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The New Guard Vol VIII: PRE-ORDER


The New Guard & The Writer's Hotel products. The Writer's Hotel is the editorial arm of TNG. TWH is an innovative NYC writers conference.

The New Guard Vol VIII: PRE-ORDER

TNG VOL VIII mockup.jpg
TNG VOL VIII mockup.jpg

The New Guard Vol VIII: PRE-ORDER


The New Guard Volume VIII. Winners: Machigonne Fiction Contest: Thos. West, “The View From Beachy Head” and Damen O'Brien, “Once Upon a Time”. Judges: Rick Moody (Fiction) and Patricia Smith (Poetry). Letters section theme: “Letter to My Younger Self”. Letter writers: Fred Yu, Tracy DeBrincat, Diana Wiener, John Gillen, Kristine Millard, Tanner Stening, Carol Smith, CW Emerson, Gwen Mullins, Michael Miller and Ginny Pina. Cover art TBA. This volume will be published in Fall, 2019. This volume will be published in Fall, 2019. Cover art: "Portals," 18" x 26" mixed media © Josey Stephen Cary (April, 2019). ISBN: 978-0-578-56796-9.

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