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BANG! authors are showcased individually here online for a month. Each author installment is made up of three pieces in any combination: poetry shorts (20 lines) or fiction or nonfiction (500 words each) for a month. All work on must be previously unpublished. Submission period runs all year round. BANG! pieces are not published in The New Guard. Work should be very short: flash-short. Pieces on BANG! are meant to serve as a kind of calling card for the author.  $22 submission fee. :: Our next installment will be posted on January 15, 2019. ::


Anne Riesenberg is a BANG! Selected Writer. 

Anne Riesenberg.

Anne Riesenberg.


Anne Riesenberg received her MFA from Lesley University. Winner of the Blue Mesa Review nonfiction contest and Storm Cellar's Force Majeure contest and finalist in the Noemi Press Prose contest, her work also appears or is forthcoming in Posit, Heavy Feather ReviewThe Maine ReviewWhat Rough Beast and others. She lives in Portland, Maine.



I take a test for Police detectives can You identify the Sexual predators 10 mug Shots face front 10 average looking White men eyes open No smile I’m not confused I get them All right apparently This is rare I’m vainly pleased I value acuity Still the ability to recognize Evil has not been enough is Not immunity


Surfer boy flashes slippery Pearl teeth swan dives off the Top of the fort into the River mouth into the Mouth of the river Says take me in Your mouth pretty girl Pretty girl hard up Against the cook stove Hard on pushing her Crotch river mouth pulls East to west Heaves watery galaxies Deep take it out pretty Girl feel all that Feel all that iron for Yous he wants his Mouth not the iron the Iron keeps pushing she Wants his mouth like an Elixir that mouth Amnesia that mouth sinks Her hand in his Shorts takes iron first Time by choice


The man who molests You and denies it Who further dismembers your Family brings your sister’s dog to see Your bedridden mother Which she tells you Without thinking or remembering Tells you clearly amidst the Otherwise confusion because it Obviously makes her happy The attention The sympathetic eyes Something you would Never want to deny Her and you child are Suddenly acutely aware Of the habits lodged in your skin Of being used and unseen And only you my love Only you can decide What to make of your Once again invisibility

Poetry © Anne Riesenberg, 2018.  All rights reserved by the author.