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BANG! authors are showcased individually here online for a month. Each author installment is made up of three pieces in any combination: poetry shorts (20 lines) or fiction or nonfiction (500 words each) for a month. All work on must be previously unpublished. Submission period runs all year round. BANG! pieces are not published in The New Guard. Work should be very short: flash-short. Pieces on BANG! are meant to serve as a kind of calling card for the author.  $22 submission fee. :: Our next installment will be posted on May 1, 2019. ::


Ronald Okuaki Lieber is a BANG! Selected Writer. 

Ronald Lieber.

Ronald Lieber.

Ronald Okuaki Lieber, LP, MFA, served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Costa Rica and returned to earn a graduate degree from Columbia University's Writing Program. He has worked as a waiter, cook, laborer, editor, and adjunct instructor—before becoming a tenured professor at SUNY Nassau—while simultaneously undertaking psychoanalytic training and opening a private practice in NYC.

:: Per the author: Ronald welcomes contact via email. ::

“quiet Observations” — new POETRY BY RONALD Okuaki LIEBER

A lover

It was a moment, if that,

Among the many diversionary and picayune

Moments, so many in a grey day where

The bristled strokes of a neighbor sweeping the stone

Floor of the patio garden below and a hacking

Cough disturbed a calm sought for and intermittently

Found that morning, balmy,

Strange for October, more so for the grey

From which one expected a brisk slap, not

The diaphanous embrace of air, which quickened an unease

Growing with the steady sweeping of a broom over stones,

And I remember standing, looking down into the green garden,

Transfixed by the stark fact of ivy and brick, eave

And pigeon, and a man bent over a wooden broom, coughing,

Against a grey backdrop—and it had to have been just then,

The moment between intimation and thought—that a drift

Of silence just out of reach, beyond the dome of sky

From somewhere deep inside, somewhere ancestral, brushed

Me faintly, like a breath, all my skin alert,

Apprehensive, and in in my ear whispered

What I am only now beginning to hear.



On the Battery City Promenade

An elderly woman and her still

Attractive daughter lean over the rail,

Exclaiming. A mother hurries a gaggle

Of adolescents into posing for

A snapshot. A bicyclist brakes, then straddles

The bike, his eyes widening. Strollers slow

Their pace. All are joined to a sun flaming

The westward facing facades and under-

Side of clouds with a brilliance that rivets

Attention. And as soon, the flickering’s gone.

The woman gathers her daughter, the Polaroid

Wheezes, Sunday blurring to dusk so deftly

No one notices the ashes everywhere falling.

Pardon Me


I woke late and stood on the porch.


Mrs. Fudjinski, bent over in her garden, snipped

Sprigs of thyme and basil. Behind her


A cardinal lit on a maple, a shudder

Within the green, through which, out in the bay,


White sails floated against a patch of blue.

Then a breeze stirred the hedgerow,


And turning, I noticed a hummingbird

And yellow jackets flecked thick with


Pollen. I wanted to share this moment

But what the moment was I could not say.


And then it slipped away.

Poetry © Ronald Okuaki Lieber, 2019.  All rights reserved by the author.