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The New Guard Vol VII


The New Guard & The Writer's Hotel products. The Writer's Hotel is the editorial arm of TNG. TWH is an innovative NYC writers conference.

The New Guard Vol VII

TNG VII-sm copy.jpg
TNG VII-sm copy.jpg

The New Guard Vol VII


TNG Volume VII includes work by our Machigonne Fiction Contest winner, Maureen Connolly and our Knightville Poetry Contest Winner Christine Kalafus; our Featured Authors, Grace Carpenter and Eamon Murphy; and all the contest finalists and semi-finalists. Judges for this volume were Chris Abani (fiction) and Mark Doty (poetry). The letters section theme is "Letters to Aliens." Letter writers: Claudia B. Manley, Julie Carpenter, Carter Goodwin, Liliana Nealon, Irina Martkovich, Lee Woodman, Roberta Senechal de la Roche, Bernard James, Lola Rainey, Patti Tod, Naomi Ulsted, Zoe Stoller and Jessica Lipnack. TNG Vol VII will come out in November, 2018. Cover art: Abraham Danso, “ROMUH" (#9 from the series "ON O IS"). Please see for more about our cover artist. ISBN: 978-0-692-03540-5.

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