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The New Guard Vol VI


The New Guard & The Writer's Hotel products. The Writer's Hotel is the editorial arm of TNG. TWH is an innovative NYC writers conference.

The New Guard Vol VI


The New Guard Vol VI


TNG Volume VI includes work by our Machigonne Fiction Contest winner, Anita Cabrera, our Knightville Poetry Contest Winner, George Drew, our Featured Author, Jillian Brenner, and all the contest finalists and semi-finalists. Judges for this volume were Sarah Braunstein (fiction) and Stephen Dunn (poetry). The letters section theme is "Dream Letters." Contributors include Scott McDaniel, Marcia Loughran, Jim Gustafson, Stephanie Cotsirilos, Jeff Hill and Scott Branks del Llano. Cover art is "The Last Days of Gravity," Digital on metal,  0.1 x 12 x 18 inches, © Ralph Verano, 2014 ( ISBN: 978-0-692-97409-4.

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